Letter from the Director

I once felt presumptuous stating we were in the business of saving the planet; now I know it is true.  Out on the periphery, the programs we support ­­– The Island School, Deep Creek Middle School, and Cape Eleuthera Institute – are making change happen through place-based education, community development, and world-class research. These programs provide students in primary through graduate school with transformative experiences; experiences that empower young leaders to make a difference.

The Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s model connects young leadership to grassroots education and a commitment to solving problems.  Now we are ready to share this model and help make it happen both at home and in other small developing places around the world.  We need investment in scholarships to help us bridge into all communities.  We need more support for our faculty and staff.  We need to build more space for visitors and visiting educational programs so our message makes an impact on more people.  We have to continue to invest in research and smart systems.   We need to help people think about how we can live in a more restorative and less destructive way. We need participation at all levels and a commitment from every graduate, every visitor, and every person who believes in our ability to make a difference in the world.


Chris Maxey

Director, Cape Eleuthera Foundation